The Mere Tote Bag



created for The Crafter’s Box

Rigid Heddle Loom Materials Kit and Weaving Pattern ~ Cotton and Linen Yarns ~ Printed 12 page Pattern

The Mere Tote Bag is the perfect summer project that will become a staple you can use as an everyday bag, for beach days and poolside hangs, or for running errands and grocery shopping. The cotton and linen yarns woven together are lightweight and airy, creating a beautiful fabric drape that makes the textile soft to the touch. This kit includes enough yarn to make both bags and sizes pictured, and you’ll find each pattern included in the project instructions.

This pattern can also be adapted to a floor loom, only requiring two harnesses. You can purchase this project kit via The Crafter’s Box marketplace.

please note: This pattern does not explain how to use a rigid heddle loom or floor loom. If you’d like to learn how to use a rigid heddle loom, you can purchase a weaving kit here. Basic weaving terminology is used to explain the steps, detailed pictures are included.

process 2.JPG
tote bags 3.JPG
totes styled 2.JPG
small tote.JPG
large tote styled.JPG
large tote.JPG
small tote styled 5.JPG
totes styled.JPG
process 1.JPG
tote bags 1.JPG

purchase The Mere Tote materials kit at The Crafter’s Box.

view and purchase the rigid heddle weaving kit at The Crafter’s Box.

watch how to fix a broken warp string on the rigid heddle loom.

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