Overshot Workshop


July 15-18, 2019 ~ Harrisville Designs - 4 Mill Alley, Harrisville, NH 03450 ~ 603-827-3996


I’m back at Harrisville Designs in July to teach Exploring Overshot, a 4-day workshop studying the structure most commonly seen in American coverlets. This is one of my favorite weave structures, and one that I often re-visit in my own art practice. Read the description for the class below:

With overshot the design possibilities are endless, and in this workshop students will explore the many structure variations the pattern contains. Drafting, material exploration and supplemental weft will be covered, as students design overshot patterns for a 4-harness floor loom. Students will start by weaving a sampler based on a pre-existing draft, comparing patterns with other students to study a wide range of overshot techniques. They will then move on to their final projects, choosing or creating a pattern based on their survey. Final projects can range from a table runner and placemats, to a scarf or shawl, or fabric to make pillows and other home goods. Cotton and wool will be provided for the warp and weft, however students are encouraged to bring their own materials for experimentation. Although traditional overshot foundations will be covered at length, students are encouraged to push the boundaries of the structure and think outside the box.

Students must be able to wind a warp and dress a floor loom. Experience reading or building drafts is not required, and will be covered during class.

Please call the Harrisville Designs Retail Store at 603-827-3996 or email hdretail@harrisville.com for more information or to sign up for the class. 

Harrisville Designs highly recommends staying in their Cheshire Mills Boarding House while taking a class. The Cheshire Mills Boarding House is inexpensive, and only a quick walk to the studio and shop!

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