Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

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My friend Dee Clements of Studio Herron invited me as her guest to attend the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine. Haystack offers two-week craft intensive classes ranging from glassblowing and woodworking, to weaving and graphic design. 

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The campus is located on the coast of Deer Isle, completely secluded & untouched -- all of the buildings are built to float on top of the natural landscape, preserving the original foliage and natural growth. 

Dee taught a weaving intensive class called Composition and Materiality; Weft Faced Rug Weaving and Design. Due to a enrollment error and in an attempt to embrace the uncharted, I decided to take a class with artist Doug Beube, called Radical Bookwork: Re-purposing Found Books from Meaning To Structure. In Doug's class we spent time re-working used books, from utilizing different woodworking tools (first scroll saw experience) and sanders, to layering pages with glue and inventing new sculptural forms. It was a truly unique learning moment for me that I believe could only be experienced in an environment like Haystack. I met thoughtful and inspiring artists & makers that were eager to learn and to share, and I was surprised by how my studio practice manifested. I taught everyone how to weave with paper and it was a huge hit! I also exclusively wrote the last few days, finding the soothing sounds of sea mixed with the vibrato of power tools a surprisingly emboldening writing soundtrack. 

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Solar eclipse/ power outage outside deck weaving. 

Solar eclipse/ power outage outside deck weaving. 

Book re-purposing tools.

Book re-purposing tools.

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To find out more about Haystack's programs visit their website here. Haystack offers accessible scholarships & work study opportunities for all ages and mediums. 

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