For once one, in body and breath, thread and unthread, again, made. Line in space, forever connected — the language of the loom.


Weaver House is founded on the concepts of communal collaboration, weaving education and creative gathering. We believe weaving can act as a form of meditation, and hope that students will be inspired by the tactile process of making cloth by hand.

Founder Rachel Snack teaches weaving, fiber dyeing and textile conservation classes to all age groups and skill levels in our Philadelphia weaving school. Weaving classes range from learning the basics on a frame loom, rigid heddle weaving and floor loom workshops. View our current workshop schedule and register for a class here.

Rachel also teaches weaving workshops to small groups and at private events. She has previously taught at yoga and wellness retreats, company events, birthday parties and for school groups. Want to gather a group of your friends and host a weaving class or come to the shop? We’ll put on our weavin’ shoes. For more information, please fill out this form.


Rigid Heddle Weaving with The Crafter’s Box

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Weaver House recently partnered with The Crafter’s Box to produce a rigid heddle weaving kit, which can be purchased online.

This kit includes everything you need in order to learn how to weave on a rigid heddle loom (no previous weaving experience required), complete with a 90-minute instructional video — featuring Rachel — and all the materials needed to weave a table runner or scarf. This means you’ll receive a large 24” loom made by Ashford Wheels & Looms, a built in second heddle option, a reed, 2 shuttles, warping pegs, clamps and ~the most beautiful fiber~. We had the pleasure of partnering with GIST Yarn & Fiber to provide you all with an Italian cotton/linen warp yarn & a Japanese silk noil weft yarn (pictured woven together above). These yarns interlocked create a soft drape yet resilient fiber combination and are made to last.

This kit is truly special. It’s premium because it’s thoughtfully crafted to give you the most perfect weaving experience — after hours of filming (6+!), editing and fine tuning, we hope this kit will allow you all to fall in love with the textile making process and the language of the loom. If you’ve woven on a frame loom and want to learn more about weaving on larger looms (and longer pieces of fabric), or if you’ve never woven before, this kit is accessible to everyone. You can read a more in-depth description of this kit and what it includes, and purchase it at The Crafter’s Box website.


Past Workshops

Register for    Backyard Weaving   , a frame loom workshop for beginners.

Register for Backyard Weaving, a frame loom workshop for beginners.