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These past few months have been a period of major change for Weaver House and myself. The biggest of these changes was moving Weaver House from Philadelphia to New Hampshire because I was offered an incredible opportunity – the role of Creative Director for a company called Harrisville Designs. So far New Hampshire has made me deeply appreciate the New England landscape, force me to invest in a more reliable car (sorry, my beloved Corolla), and accept the fact that any apartment I live in will be haunted.

Through all this change – mainly documented on Instagram – I have been overwhelmed by the loyalty and support of this community. As a passion-project based company, Weaver House has naturally transformed from a ‘business’ to a collaborative incubator – something I am extremely proud of. The ‘on the loom’ collection of tote bags & t-shirts was made for you all, the makers who love this craft as much as I do.

Unsurprisingly, I had no idea what the future of Weaver House would be after I left Philadelphia, and to be honest I still don’t. I (and the brand) are ever-evolving, growing and adapting. Building this company has been a constant voyage: a challenge to first define a personal weaving practice and then shape a dialectal for that practice – in order to share, create and seek knowledge (process) with like-minded artists.


This has led me to define Weaver House as so,

We create heirloom textiles in homage to craft tradition, and the dialect between maker and loom. Our practice is grounded in the idea of growing a tangible language, to regain tactility and a hand-making consciousness into the home and onto the body. Our textiles create a physical memory bearing witness to the hand of the artist, becoming material evidence of touch. Our weavings record, through repetition and routine, as memory vessels forever preserving our identities in material culture.


Although Weaver House is exploring new beginnings, our mission (and my passion) has not changed. This community is dearly important to me, and I am grateful to all the makers who have come on this journey with me - in body and in spirit. Thank you for your support and generosity, I am constantly in awe of the kindness I see everyday through this craft. 


Read on for more information about Harrisville Designs and my new job!  

  Deskmate, Stella.

Deskmate, Stella.

  Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Harrisville Designs is located in the town of Harrisville, New Hampshire - an idyllic setting. This company gathers everything I love about weaving and wraps it all up with a large bow and a cherry on top. Harrisville Designs is a heritage woolen mill (meaning we spin our own wool yarn) maintaining over 200 years of textile tradition. We manufacture looms (we build our own floor looms, lap looms and tapestry looms) and fiber art kits – in weaving, felting, knitting, crochet, cross-stitch and latch-hooking. Everything we make – and I mean everything – is made in the US, most of it by our staff (local artisans) in our small town of Harrisville. I told you, It's a dream.

Harrisville Designs is also a small craft school, hosting classes in weaving, knitting and felting – along with children’s craft education. We have teachers from all over the world build curriculum for these classes, and travel to Harrisville to teach in our classroom. We host our students at the Cheshire Mills Boarding house, the original building where mill workers used to live when Harrisville was the home of Cheshire Mills (textile production). 

  Moving a Harrisville Designs floor loom to my home studio.

Moving a Harrisville Designs floor loom to my home studio.

Not only does Harrisville Designs operate online, but we also have a beautifully curated retail store in town (above the retail store is our craft school). This is a place of communal gathering, where people can come to weave for a few hours, join in on our weekly knitting circle and bring their children to craft.

For more information about Harrisville Designs visit our website, and watch the video below for a behind-the-scenes look. 

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