the nina manta

the nina manta



This manta is woven in Peru on a back-strap loom. It is warp faced and double cloth, meaning the back of the textile shows the inverse of the pattern. It is wool and hand-dyed with natural and synthetic dyes. 

Mantas are a part of traditional Quechua women dress, and are worn across the back and around the shoulders like a shawl. Mantas are also used to carry children, and both men and women use them to carry goods, like a backpack. This manta was made for a small child. 

All of our Peruvian mantas are two pieces sewn up the middle. This is very common in traditional Peruvian textiles. 


There may be slight variation to the detail of the weaving and symmetry of the textile due to the handmade process. We believe this makes the weaving truly special, and we hope you do too. 


Dimensions: 23 1/2"W x 19"L

*restoration: There is one small area that can be re-woven and the center seem can be stabilized in the middle. All restoration processes will be done upon request once the textile is purchased.

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