my pony and me hand towel

my pony and me hand towel



*this is an Adored item

These textiles are the 'aha!' moments of a treasure hunt. The ones that make sifting through a pile of one thousand handkerchiefs worthwhile. The ones that tell a story. They are imperfect, showing their life on the surface. They are so special that these imperfections aren't a deal breaker, rather making them more unique. We adore them.


This textile can be used as a wall hanging or a towel. It was made in 1979 by Jillie Wheeler in Ireland. This precious textile depicts a poem about a boy and his pony. Adored imperfection is a small, almost unnoticeable, light brown stain about the size of a penny near the upper left edge. 


Dimensions: 18 3/4"W x 29"L

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