silk city fibers: novelty cotton

silk city fibers: novelty cotton



Made by Silk City Fibers


This novelty cotton features a lightly spun cotton yarn plied with two finer cotton strands, giving it an almost braided or slub appearance. The combination of fiber sizes creates a soft and airy textile, although once woven or knit adds a significant heft, allowing for a beautiful drape.

This cotton is called ‘softball’ by Silk City Fibers, the only yarn company left in Paterson, New Jersey. Paterson was nicknamed ‘Silk City’ for its role in textile and yarn manufacturing, specifically its dominance in silk textile production in the first half of the 19th century. Rachel, the founder of Weaver House, grew up fifteen minutes from Paterson and her grandfather worked in a fabric dyeing factory after he returned from the Vietnam War. Most Paterson factories eventually closed or moved south where there were no labor unions (at the time), and then finally moved overseas.  



100% cotton

Made in Brazil

Approx. 700 yards

1.10 lb cone

This yarn was purchased at a special price and once inventory is gone, the price per cone is subject to rise. Snag this deal while supplies last!

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