Place (Sacred Space): Without Beginning or End

Place (Sacred Space): Without Beginning or End


A Collection of Writings & Woven Imagery
Edited by Rachel Snack


"And it all begins with a single thread, as Plato tells us, wound on the spindle of the revolving cosmos held in the lap of a woman, spinning the destiny of the world into being."     -  The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images


‘Place (Sacred Space): Without Beginning or End’ was published in concurrence with the exhibition Textile Language at Philadelphia University, to celebrate the woven body of work I am, I am, I am by Rachel Snack. Sixteen artists and writers were selected to contribute their writings and poetry for this publication, spanning themes of body, line, weaving, vessel, sacred space, memory, stillness and the grid.


Emily Greene
Ali Columbus
Malcolm Stielow
Katarina Georgara
Karen Cygnarowicz
Ariana Adams
Jessica Thies
Cat Babbie
Julie Mastricola
Sara Gatti
Becky Flax
Marcia Weiss
Clare Nicholls
Melody J. Overstreet
Oscar Gonzalez-Diaz
Rachel Snack
Oluwabusola T. Duroshola



48 pages

Dimensions: 5”x7”
Produced by Weaver House Co. in 2017

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