catalog of patchwork quilts

catalog of patchwork quilts



Applique and Art Needlework

Published by Needlecraft Supply Co.


Rare vintage copy of a Catalog of Patchwork Quilts. The address on the front of this catalog is Needlecraft Supply Co., 361 West Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois. The ordering address on the back of this catalog is Needlecraft Supply Co., 800 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois. On the front cover of this book, the Needlecraft Supply Company claims they are the originators of the famous Lone Star (quilt) in four rainbow colors. This is a catalog of quilting and other needlework patterns which are available by ordering them, they are not actual patterns. On page 23 of this book it mentions the booklet entitled Patchwork Quilts: How To Make Them – price 25 cents per copy.


In good used condition / some fold discoloration


Dimensions: 5.5"W x 8"L

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