Weaver House Co.



All items will be shipped through USPS within 5-10 days of purchase with tracking and insurance if the total of the order is over $100. All textiles are cleaned and some vintage goods undergo minor restoration processes before they are shipped out. Cleaning normally only takes 2-3 days, so most textiles will ship out within a week of your purchase. If you are worried your item won't make it for a certain date, email us at weaverhouseco@gmail.com. 

We do offer international shipping. Send us an email with the desired destination to receive a quote!



We accept returns for store credit up to 15 days after the purchase is received. The item(s) should be unused and undamaged, with original tags intact. All sale, discounted, and custom items are final sale. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs involved in the return of an item. Items returned without prior notification will be returned to sender without reimbursement of store credit. 

Store credit never expires and can be used towards any item for sale, including custom designed textiles or any other service provided through our site.


Why for store credit only?

We care about your passion for our textiles, and because of this we want you to be over the moon about your purchase. This is why we offer a return option. If you don't love your item enough to set off fireworks, we want you to be able to make another choice. However, a lot of work and care goes into each of our textiles before they are shipped. We clean them thoroughly, as outlined below, and we often perform intricate and time consuming restoration processes - specific to your preference and at no extra cost to you. Therefore, we can only offer store credit for any return. 

We know that this may make you nervous about purchasing one of our goods. We understand, textiles are a deep and personal love. So, you should know: we have yet to have a single return of one of our goods. We're taking this as a good sign, and a testament to the quality of our products. 



All of our textiles are shipped out in pristine condition. Our items are cleaned twice, they come from a pet-free studio, and are properly stored until purchased. We take this especially serious if it is a textile that will be worn or in constant contact with the body. 

If a textile is in need of restoration, i.e. is ripped or fraying, that will be made clear before the textile is purchased. Once the purchase is made, a restoration plan will be discussed and decided upon. No restoration processes or structural changes will be made to the textile without your permission. We find beauty in all the imperfections of a woven object, and maybe you do too. 



All of our textiles, with the exception of rag rugs, should be cleaned by hand using gentle soap without added dyes or chemicals. Rag rugs may be washed in the washing machine on the gentle setting, preferably in a mesh bag. Here are some tips on how to keep your Weaver House Co. textiles looking and feeling always like new: 

  • Water is a tricky thing. When it comes to wool, lace, and handmade items, avoid washing machines at all costs. 
  • Avoid using cleaning products that have harsh chemicals or added dyes in them.
  • Spot cleaning is normally recommended, but if you want to fully wash a textile use room temperature water and minimal friction. Soaking is a good way to loosen up stains without using abrasive techniques. 
  • Avoid storing your textile in direct constant sunlight.
  • Vacuuming is OK for bigger items like rugs, but make sure the suction is on a low level. 
  • Have you seen a movie where a tiny Italian grandma hangs a rug over a railing and beats it with a broom or wooden spoon? That's actually the safest way to remove dust and dirt from our rugs. 
  • If you would like to dry clean an item make sure your dry cleaner specializes in hand-dyed textiles, otherwise they could end up striping the textile of all it's color.