the art of weaving: second edition

the art of weaving: second edition



Second Edition written by Else Regensteiner


Used hardcover copy of The Art of Weaving: Second Edition. Else Regensteiner, "the first lady of weaving," according to Booklist, presents this handbook for weavers-beginners or expert. Essential information about looms, yarns, warping a loom, drafting, basic weaves and pattern weaves are included. Many different weave structures are covered: double weaves; tapestry techniques; knotted, pile and flat-woven rugs; and two-and three-dimensional wall hangings. With her clearly written text, 29 color and 380 black and white illustrations of the steps, works in progress, and finished results, Mrs. Regensteiner not only teaches the techniques of weaving, but also stimulates creative expression.

 This new, expanded second edition has been rewritten throughout; several chapters have been enlarged and a chapter on collecting and preserving textiles has been added; 100 new photographs and line drawing have been including.

In excellent used condition / slight damage to the dust jacket

2rd Edition, 1981

Dimensions: 8.5"W x 11"L

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