practical modern weaving

practical modern weaving



Written by Rosemary Murray


Vintage paperback copy of Practical Modern Weaving. There are many beautiful books on purely creative weaving, and a number of books that attempt to teach the craft. There are very few indeed that successfully combine these two concepts as Rosemary Murray does in Practical Modern Weaving.

The author provides a concise, practical, well-illustrated course in weaving techniques on a simple table loom for beginners, and offers attractive, colourful, up-to-date design ideas on which readers can practice their newly-acquired skills. The repetitive exercise of weaving long lengths of cloth has little to offer the creative, imaginative craftsman; Mrs. Murray's designs for small, quickly woven, unique items enable the weaver to practise a variety of weaves and techniques, and are intended as open-ended suggestions for adaptation and experiment.


In excellent used condition / sticker residue on cover


Dimensions: 8.25"W x 10.5"L

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