four-harness weaving

four-harness weaving



The Complete Guide to Warping and Weaving on a Four-Harness Loom

Written by Kernochan Bowen


Vintage ex-library hardcover copy of Four-Harness Weaving. Here, for the first time, is a step-by-step book that undoes the tangle of warping and weaving on a four-harness loom. All operations in setting up, warping, and weaving are shown in over 125 easy-to-follow illustrations and clearly written text.

This book is a necessary handbook for every beginner, and a useful reference book for the advanced weaver as well. In an entertaining, easy-to-read style, the author not only offers the basic weaving skills, but emphasizes the “fun” of this age old craft and encourages the reader toward imaginative self-expression.


In good used condition / discoloration on the inside cover due to slight water damage

160 pages / 125 black-and-white illustrations


Dimensions: 9"W x 12"L

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