Weaver House Co.


Q: I love one of your products, but it is sold. How can I get my hands on it? 

A: Weaver House Co. prides itself on selling unique and one-of-a-kind textiles and goods. This means that rarely, almost never, we have more than one of the same product for sale. Unfortunately, that means that once something is sold it is gone forever. If it is a handmade item you are interested in, get in touch and we will most likely be able to create something similar. 


Q: Do you offer weaving or dyeing classes?

A: Yes we do! Sign up to be part of our mailing list (found here) to be informed of our upcoming class schedule for 2017!


Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Absolutely! We love collaborating on custom projects. Send us an email at weaverhouseco@gmail.com. 


Q: Do you offer wholesale buying options?

A: We offer wholesale pricing, but due to the handmade process quantities are often limited. Email us with and inquiry and we will send you our wholesale contract. 


Q: Where do you source your fiber/yarns from?

A: Most of our weaving yarns are bought at Silk City Fibers, located in New Jersey. We also occasionally source from Woolery and Webs.


Q: What make is your loom/do you have any advice for buying a loom?

A: We use a few different floors looms, mostly 8-16 harnesses, and also machine powered Compu-dobby and Jacquard looms through facilities at Philadelphia University. It's hard to give loom advice, because every weaver has different objectives and skill levels, but you can't go wrong with an 8-harness, 44-inch width loom. If you're brand new to weaving making or purchasing a tapestry loom or investing in a small table-top loom might be your best bet.