Weaver House is a yarn shop, textile studio and weaving school located in Philadelphia. We create heirloom textiles in homage to craft tradition, and the dialect between maker and loom. Our practice is grounded in the idea of growing a tangible language, to regain tactility and a hand-making consciousness within the home and in relation to the body. Our textiles create a physical memory bearing witness to the hand of the artist, becoming material evidence of touch. Our weavings record, through repetition and routine, as memory vessels forever preserving our identities in material culture. 

The Weaver House studio is founded in kinship with communal collaboration, weaving education and creative gathering. We believe in the preservation of the space we inhabit by sustainable making and transparent production. We use our materials thoughtfully, dye naturally and consciously recycle. 

Our workshops include all levels of weaving, yarn and fabric dyeing, sewing, fiber sculpture and sometimes include other craft techniques like macramé, knitting, crochet and embroidery. Our shop is carefully curated with specialty fibers sourced from around the world, hand-selected textiles and goods, and weaving equipment. Have you ever wondered how a floor loom works? Visit us and try your hand at weaving, our shop will be opening Oct. 11, 2019.

1901 S 9th Street - Space 203, Philadelphia, PA 19148 ~ p: 215-278-2504

warp and weft

Weaver House recently launched the digital archive and in-print revival of the weaving periodical Warp and Weft. The warp and weft website is a catalog of weaving and textile related periodicals, pamphlets and books — all available to download and enjoy.



Weaver House is the project of textile artist Rachel Snack, activated as an intuitive response to returning home after living in Peru, and the continual longing to be at the loom. Rachel received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Fiber & Material Studies from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her Master of Science in Textile Design from Philadelphia University. She can be found in the studio (sporting overalls and the messiest hair on the planet) or nearby in the woods, always inspired and constantly creating.

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photo by kate toussaint

photo by kate toussaint



We collaborate with brands and independent designers around the world and create bespoke textiles for individual clients. Please email us at hello@weaverhouseco.com for more information.