Weaver House Co.

We Are Textile Paradise. We seek out and create the dramatic, the stunning, the exceptional, the precious and unusual one-of-a-kind pieces that are to-die-for and impossible to leave behind. 

Weaving is the heart of our practice, paired with a soulful appreciation for tradition and heirloom. We provide textiles homegrown in our studios, along with treasures discovered from another time. If our pupils go heart shaped and our hearts flutter, we invest in it. 

What sets us apart? Not only are our textiles cream of the crop, but they are delivered to you in pristine condition. We take time cleaning each textile by hand, with the knowledge that it will become a part of your home. We invest our time into the small details that make our textiles truly special. 

Creative Director, Rachel Snack, founded Weaver House Co. after attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a stint living in Peru. Rachel is fully textile designer & weaver, half conservator.  She is driven, creative, highly organized, sometimes humorous, always inspired, and constantly moving.