Weaver House Co.


Weaver House Co. is a textile dream. We aim to create original, inspired, and unusual one-of-a-kind pieces that are to-die-for and impossible to leave behind. All of our textiles are hand-woven in our Philadelphia studio, with American made looms and fibers.

Sustainable weaving is at the heart of our practice, paired with a soulful appreciation for tradition and heirloom. We utilize our materials thoughtfully, dye naturally, and consciously eliminate waste. Every piece is cleaned by hand and carefully inspected after it is woven, because we believe that investing our time into the small details make our textiles truly special.

Weaver House Co. was brought into the universe by artist Rachel Snack. Rachel is one part weaver and textile designer, one part conservator. She is driven, creative, sometimes humorous, always inspired, and constantly moving. 

To watch a video about our handmade process please visit here.


We collaborate. We also create custom textiles, crafted to inspire joy and add beauty to your space. 

In the past we have made personal pieces ranging from scarves, jewelry, tunics, rugs, blankets, wall hangings and art pieces. Visit our shop and archive for project ideas. 

For custom inquires please email us at weaverhouseco@gmail.com.


Stay tuned as we announce our 2017 classes and workshops!